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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ClearView Wealth Advisors and how do we relate to MML Investors Services, LLC?

ClearView Wealth Advisors is a team of Financial Planners, Steve Janvier, CFP®, Tom Marney, CFP®, and Jeannette Jordan, who together have seventy total combined years of professional experience and over $300,000,000 of assets under management. Our team also includes two full-time support professionals, Karen Taylor and Will Ransom. Our securities transactions are processed through MML Investors Services, LLC, as our Broker-Dealer and National Financial Services are our clearinghouse.

How are Financial Planners compensated?

At ClearView Wealth, our advisors are compensated by advisory fees on wealth management accounts, fee-based comprehensive financial plans and compensation for the placement of investments. Additionally, our advisors are also compensated through insurance programs including life, disability and long-term care insurance.

Who should consider a fee-based plan?

A comprehensive financial plan covers numerous concerns by utilizing a holistic approach. If any of these questions listed below have crossed your mind, then speaking with a financial planner may be right for you:

  • Do I have enough money to last throughout retirement?
  • How will I fund my child's education?
  • How can I help minimize taxes so I can keep more of my income?
  • How do I ensure my assets are optimally positioned?
  • How can I leave more of my assets to heirs or charity?
  • Will I be able to handle a crisis such as a serious illness or injury, layoff or market downturn?
  • How can I make sure family members and heirs are taken care of in the event of a premature death?
  • How do I transfer or sell my business interest on my terms?

What is the process of developing a Financial Plan?

First and foremost, the utmost important step utilized by our advisors is establishing and defining the Client-Planner relationship and gathering the necessary information to fulfill the engagement. To follow, our Financial Planners analyze and evaluate their client’s current financial status and develop recommendations tailored to each client’s specific wants and needs. Next, the recommendations will be thoroughly communicated, implemented and regularly monitored while always practicing within professional and regulatory standards.

What distinguishes ClearView Wealth Advisors from other investment advisors?

  1. Our open architecture gives us access to thousands of Investment and Insurance products from hundreds of different companies.
  2. Our experience collectively among the three advisors brings seventy years of professional money management expertise to the table.
  3. Our credentials include: CFP®, ChFC®, CASL®, RICP®

What is a CFP practitioner?

To further develop your understanding of the responsibilities of a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Practitioner, please click this link to be directed to CFP Lets Make A Plan, as you may find insightful information to expand your knowledge. Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Practitioners are bound by the CFP® Code of Ethics.