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Holiday Party 2023: 

On December 19th the Team hosted our Annual Client Appreciation Holiday Event at Cazbar in Columbia. We use this event a celebration of the year that has passed. With this event we have several extra pieces of entertainment including a Jazz Band and photographer. We are proud to present the photos from that evening, they can be viewed in the event photos tab, check them out! We look forward to a fruitful 2024!

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Crab's at the Park 2023: 

On Saturday August 12th . The team hosted the annual "Crab's at the Park" Crab Feast down at Centennial Park . This event is a midyear celebration and to enjoy a Maryland Speciality! The Crab Feast an event we look forward to every year and a way to say thank you to all those who trust and support the Team! We have some photos posted over in the Event Photos tab , take a look!


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Financial Planning Association of Maryland : Money Power Day 03/18 

On Saturday March 18th , Steve, Tom and Jeannette took time out to meet at the FPA of Maryland's meeting at Baltimore Polytechnic institute. 

The Meeting was organized as a financial fair for those so interested to gain the necessary information for the betterment of financial information dissemination to their clients and for themselves. Some of the services provided and available via this seminar include: 

- Consultations to in-need individuals couples and families 

- Information in regards to achieving financial freedom and what they may mean to individuals 

While they not only volunteered to be their as a Sponsor of the event, Steve was also responsible as a main member of the events organization to be there to provide the event with a smooth execution. This was the events first time being back in person since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. As such the importance of both timely and clear instruction and organization was key. 

Steve and the team enjoy giving back in these situations as much as possible. They continue to plan on going to events in this manner to share their knowledge with those in need . 

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Community Outreach: Speaking to Scholars Leadership Program

On Wednesday April 12th , Steve took time to meet with a group of students from the local High School Reservoir High's "School Scholars program."

This group promotes advanced opportunities for the High School's highest level learners, which challenges them to maximize their intellectual potential and set up a great stepping stone for Seniors moving into a focus area for studying in their next steps beyond Primary Education 

Steve spoke with the group of young women in regards to promoting and learning Financial Literacy ideas. As well as teaching a class in regards to Saving vs. Investing. 

Steve relishes in the opportunity to talk with and help inspire the upcoming generation . As he views the ability to teach individuals about the importance of Financial Literacy from a young age is paramount in these times. 

Financial Literacy is an important asset to be able to better navigate the change that one may go through in life. The importance of bringing this information to Teenagers as they move between the end of Primary School and whatever their next step is, be it the Job Market, College, Trade School. All need to be informed of what they can do to not get lost by the never ending slew of information and terminology. 

Steve Plans to continue doing these events, as he enjoys bringing together a better sense of community and brightening the future. 

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Holiday Party 2022

On December 20th, 2022. We took an opportunity to show you all our gratitude and appreciation towards your continued trust over the years. We celebrated a fruitful and growth filled 2022 with a beautifully ran dinner event at Cazbar restaurant in Columbia.  

As a team we are incredibly thankful for all of you each and every day, and look forward to all that future holds

Please follow the link to access the DropBox with all photos in it: 


Voice For Children, Inc.

Voice For Children, Inc.

Voices for Children, Inc., a 501(c)(3), is the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program for Howard County, Maryland. This non-profit organization primarily focuses on the future of abused, neglected, and abandoned children. Opposed to these victims becoming lost in an overburdened child welfare system, trained volunteers strive to place these children in homes with loving people to care for them to assure they do not become victims a second time.

In order to help, ClearView Wealth Advisors organizes a gift drive every holiday season, striving to give these children a holiday they truly deserve. On behalf of Voice of Children and ClearView Wealth Advisors, we thank all the contributors who showed their support and generosity this year!


Believe In Tomorrow Children's Foundation

Believe In Tomorrow Children's Foundation

The Believe In Tomorrow Children's Foundation provides exceptional hospital and respite housing services to critically ill children and their families.

ClearView Wealth Advisors participates in their Family Supper Program, where we prepare dinner for families during their stay at Hospital Housing.