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MML Investors Services, LLC Seminars

Creating a Budget

Financial IQ: Creating a Budget

  • Topic presentation outlining the information needed and the steps to take to create an accurate, flexible monthly budget.

Money Talks

  • Over three seminars, families can learn to facilitate conversations around financial milestones while including content geared towards parents and children (available in Spanish and Chinese).

Estate and Legacy Planning

Estate Planning 101

  • This 45-minute topic presentation is a basic primer for estate planning suitable for all people who wish to gain an understanding of the tools and strategies used to ensure final wishes are adhered to.

Will You Marry...? (Planning for same-sex couples post marriage equality)

  • This seminar focuses on planning opportunities and challenges for same-sex couples considering marriage.

Protecting a Family

Financial IQ: Common Money Mistakes

  • This topic presentation outlines 52 common money mistakes and an overview of potential impacts.

Financial IQ: Financial Goal Setting

  • This topic outlines the importance of setting financial goals and provides suggestions to set goals for top concerns: Income, Savings, Retirement and Debt.

Financial IQ: Understanding Life Insurance

  • Topic presentation outlining the difference between term and permanent life insurance, and the flexibility afforded by a policy’s cash value.

Protecting Your Income

Disabled? Me? Never!

  • This 60-minute topic presentation explores realities of an unexpected disability, and how to leverage disability insurance to protect income and family in the event of an injury or illness that prevents working abilities.

Financial IQ: Protecting Your Income

  • Topic presentation outlining the value of income and the risks that income faces.

Protecting What Matters Most – Disability income insurance and you

  • Brief 30-minute presentation putting the loss of income due to unexpected disability in perspective and provides options for protecting against the impact of that loss.

Business Planning

Business Succession Planning

  • This 60-minute presentation helps business owners understand the need to coordinate business and estate plans to build an effective estate planning strategy.

Simple Steps for Exiting Your Business

  • This three-part seminar educates business owners on how to begin the process of setting up an exit from the business – both voluntary and involuntary.

Planning for Retirement

Financial IQ: Planning for Retirement

  • This topic presentation outlines the strategies to create a secure retirement plan.

Financial IQ: Sources of Retirement Income

  • Topic presentation outlining the various sources of income that may be available during the golden years.

Financial Strategies for Women


  • This interactive video vignette-based seminar series focuses on the stories of real-life families navigating life’s financial challenges and milestones (some content available in Spanish).

Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving - Helping You Make A Difference

  • Topic Presentation designed for members of charitable organizations, this presentation gives an overview of strategies that help make more meaningful gifts within their family’s overall financial plan and achieve philanthropic goals.

Managing Debt

Financial IQ: Taking Control of Debt

  • Topic presentation providing information to take control of debt by learning how to create a debt payment plan and offering suggestions for implementation.

Planning for College

Planning for College

  • This 60-minute topic presentation uses a case study to highlight the value of a holistic college funding strategy designed to achieve multiple benefits and mitigate risk.


Financial IQ: Asset Allocation

  • Topic presentation outlining asset allocation during both working years and retirement.

Financial IQ: Investment Basics

  • Topic presentation outlining the different types of investment vehicles and their associated risks.

Financial IQ: Personal Risk Profile

  • Topic presentation including a seven-question survey that helps determine a personal risk profile for asset allocation.




* Seminar – focused on a broad range of financial education topics

* Topic Presentation – more narrowly focused on a particular financial education topic

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